Research Stream One

Research Stream One for PTM Prequel – The Final Turning:

Article on Big Data and Big Science

Article on Biomedical Nanodevices

Article on Hyperscale Computing

Article on Neural Implants

Article on Superluminal Neutrinos

Article on Mobile Big Data

Article on IMDB’s

Article on Processor Speeds


Article on Trans-photic Chipsets by Kissinger and Donalson

Abstract Excerpt – Confidential Paper Pending Publication: July 21, 2014:

Enhancement of Cyber-warfare Approaches Utilizing Big Data and Hyperscale Computing on Ultra-fast Chipset Platforms with Processor Speeds in Excess of 612 Terahertz
Dr. Samuel A. Kissinger, Ph.D., M.D.
Colonel John “Jack” W. Donalson, U.S. Army Ret., CSDP,WCET
Department of Biomedical Engineering, THE University at Tel Aviv

(Paper pending further security classification)


In order to learn the possible role of Big Data digital Network Analogy Constructs in enhanced cyber-warfare applications, an IMDB running on the ultra-fast Optitron Labs, Incorporated research chipset platform, code-named ADIR 1 (Analogy Device with Instantaneous Response One,) and a test dataset of 500 exabytes was used to provide the experimental environment for a North American Network Analogy Construct.  Test runs were conducted to show how simulated intrusions into secure, encrypted military and government systems could be enhanced to provide greater velocity, veracity and volume capabilities for satellite-based intelligence analytics.  Data upload speeds of 500 petabytes per second were measured in a significant number of runs.  Veracity of extracted datasets was verified to have a statistical significance in the expected ranges.  Further work using the more advanced Optitron Labs prototype chipset platform code-named ADIR 2 is suggested to attain higher processor speeds and data uploads of Big Data on the order of 1,000 petabytes per second.

Keywords: Cyber-warfare; IMDB; exabytes; petabytes; satellite-based intelligence analytics; Big Data; Network Analogy Construct.

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