Second Novel in Series PTM

Black Cover Update 2017_PTM_STTWRBack Jacket Update 2018_PTM_STTWR

A Boomer Cybrog—Battlefield Marshal Jack Donalson—a U.S. Army nanotech-enhanced super soldier and deserter from the Brazilian Conflict, and his friend and former Optitron Labs colleague, Doctor Samuel Kissinger, must undertake a desperate journey across a balkanized, dystopian United States of America.  Along with a fledgling epidemiologist, Doctor Milou Pellegrino, they must race to secure a prototype faster-than-light telecommunications device, code-named NADIR, from the ruins of the company’s research division vault in California.  Complications and tensions rise for Donalson with the inclusion of Pellegrino in the party: she was his former fiancé, who thought he’d died in a mini-nuke blast in 2022 and who has not seen him for eight years.

Pax Europa’s nefarious “Iron Man” leader has learned of the Optitron Labs advanced technology during Kissinger’s escape from European-occupied Israel and dispatches a covert operations team, led by Colonel Jean-Paul Lanier, from the elite intelligence organization, EI-6, to capture Kissinger and the device. Donalson and Kissinger must overcome impossible odds to travel secretly across the disjointed landscape of what was the United States, evade the pursuing EI-6 covert ops team, and make their way to Santa Clara through a quake-devastated West Coast, which is occupied by Pan-Asian Hegemony military forces.  Donalson must risk everything and push himself beyond the limits of his nanotech-enhanced capabilities and his overwhelmed psyche, in order to save the device and Kissinger’s life.

Read Excerpts from Strengthen The Things Which Remain:

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