Zoe’ Writing Life

The Zoe’ Writing Life: 

Interactions with the Fiction Writing and Publishing community.

Zoe’-Logos Writing Life is the page name I have chosen to capture the spirit of my efforts to enter in to the Writing Life and to write and publish creative works of fiction and non-fiction: novels, poems and memoirs.  The vision of this page is to explore my own evolution and development as a writer, engage with the fiction-writing and publishing community, and share insights and observations on writing and culture. My primary motivation is that all of us can realize and work toward achieving our fullest, creative and innovative potential and that we can make a difference in this world.

Works in Progress:

Prelude to Millennium Novel and Graphic Novel Series

Resurrection_Wounded Warrior Story     Back Jacket Mockup


FC_Boomer Cybrogs02_CR_Alt 02


Back Jacket Synopsis


Black Cover Update 2017_PTM_STTWR

Back Jacket Update 2018_PTM_STTWR

Links to Publishers, Literary Agents, Writers and Authors:

My Favorite Author/Writer Blogs:

Useful Links:

Writer Conferences:

The Florida Christian Writer’s Conference

The Georgia Christian Writer’s Conference


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